Tricep Shredder

Happy July 3rd! Tomorrow is literally my second favorite holiday next to Christmas and I am so excited to make some new traditions here in Hawaii. This is my first 4th not spent in Utah, and I am a little nostalgic for all the memories. To me, it’s the peak of summer and has everything I love all wrapped into one: yummy food, family, friends, warm summer nights, and fireworks! Before you start your 4th of July shenanigans, try out this tricep shredding workout with a little bit of chest added in. 

Warm up:
1 mile run at speed 7
Superset #1: 
-Tricep extensions: I used a 20 lb db (12 reps)
-Straight leg lifts (12 reps)
Do this 3 sets through. 

Tricep dips (12 reps)- 3 sets through.

Superset #2: 
-Skullcrushers: I did 20 lbs plus the bar (12 reps)
-Close chest press (12 reps)
Do this 3 sets through. 

Burnout to finish:
Tricep pushups (keep elbows by rib cage) until failure. 
Finish with a 1 minute plank! Now go light off some sparklers!! 

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