Recipe Series: White Chicken Chili (dairy-free!)

Happy 2021 friends! I’m actually so excited for this new year, and a new baby on the way for us due in July! Even though winter in Hawaii only hits a low of 70, those chilly rainy days always makes me want to cozy up with a warm bowl of hearty soup. One of my favorite soups to get when I would go to Kneaders is their white chicken chili soup, but I know it’s usually loaded with lots of milk and dairy which would end up making my stomach hurt.

I decided to try and make a recipe that would be dairy free but still creamy which was hard with plant based milk! So I tried coconut milk and WOW. It turned out so creamy and warm and delicious and I want it every day!

There are two simple options to make it, either with an instant pot or a slow cooker! Hope you love this meal, let me know if you try it. 🙂

Dairy- Free White Chicken Chili

xx, Brit

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