The Best Third Trimester Pregnancy Workout Guide


Hi mama! Are you pregnant and want to workout, but you just aren’t sure what is safe to do, and what is not? Or maybe you lack the motivation because it’s just plain too much work to plan out your workout when you’re already tired all day. Well this guide is for you! 


What it includes:

  • 14 weeks of workouts from week 28 – week 40 (3rd trimester!)
  • 5 workouts a week with built in rest days on Thursday and Sunday
  • Every day a new workout, so you hit every muscle group every week!
  • Can be done at home or at the gym, with only a set of 5 and 10 lb dumbbells, resistance band, and a mat required
  • A picture next to every exercise showing me doing it, so you don’t have to guess how
  • Weekly goals/ motivation
  • Access to an exclusive video of me walking you through pregnancy breathing for a strong core, pelvic floor, and back- SO important for pregnancy & postpartum!
  • Tips for working out while pregnant/ cautions to watch out for

This guide is a full body, comprehensive course for pregnancy that can be easily downloaded as a pdf to your phone or computer, so you can have access to it anywhere. Links are clickable and very user friendly.

If you are not pregnant, you are still welcome to use this guide, it will still be a great workout!

I couldn’t be more excited for you to get your hands on this guide, let me help you have your healthiest and strongest pregnancy yet! Your body and your baby will thank you, you got this mama. Xx, Brit


  • This program is non-refundable, due to the nature of it being a digital product with significant value and the inability to actually ‘return’ a physical product.  All prices are in USD$.
  • Any distribution of this guide or “sharing” it with friends or family will result in immediate removal from access. Please do not share this with anyone, it is for your access only, I’ve poured my heart and soul into this and would hope you would recommend it for them to purchase on their own. 🙂 


You are in your third trimester, feeling large, tired and lazy. The last thing you want to be doing is exercising right? It is so difficult finding the motivation and drive to even think about working out, but it is so vital and crucial for the preparation for birth and motherhood. That is why I have created specific third trimester workouts to not only build your strength for labor but your physical confidence and capacity for being a mother. Let’s dive a little deeper into why my third trimester workouts will be the best fit for you.

Pain and aches start to occur more frequently as the baby gets bigger and your body prepares for labor. My third trimester workouts provide exercising options that will ensure that you and your baby are safe.

Giving birth is no walk in the park, so preparing for labor is crucial in the third trimester. My third trimester workouts will help prepare you physically with a range of specified workouts that will strengthen areas required for birth.

Staying active throughout your whole pregnancy is definitely a challenge and only gets harder into the third trimester. But it is in the third trimester where physical activity is vital. My third trimester workouts have been created and can be modified to best fit your level of exercise, whether it be advanced, moderate or mild. It is for you and the needs of your baby.

Exercising is hard whether you are pregnant or not! But don’t worry, I am here to walk and guide you through the third trimester, like a breeze! I strive to create programs and workouts that will take all the thinking out of it! I keep it effective, efficient and convenient. It will almost seem like you are driving on auto-pilot.


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