The Best Second Trimester Workouts For A Healthy Mom

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Hi mama! Are you pregnant and want to workout, but you just aren’t sure what is safe to do, and what is not? Or maybe you lack the motivation because it’s just plain too much work to plan out your workout when you’re already tired all day. Well this guide is for you! 

What it includes:

  • 14 weeks of workouts from week 14-week 27 (2nd trimester!)
  • 5 workouts a week with built in rest days on Thursday and Sunday
  • Every day a new workout, so you hit every muscle group every week!
  • Can be done at home or at the gym, with only a set of 5 and 10 lb dumbbells, resistance band, and a mat required
  • A picture next to every exercise showing me doing it, so you don’t have to guess how
  • Weekly goals/ motivation
  • Access to an exclusive video of me walking you through pregnancy breathing for a strong core, pelvic floor, and back- SO important for pregnancy & postpartum!
  • Tips for working out while pregnant/ cautions to watch out for

This guide is a full body, comprehensive course for pregnancy that can be easily downloaded as a pdf to your phone or computer, so you can have access to it anywhere. Links are clickable and very user friendly.

If you are not pregnant, you are still welcome to use this guide!

I couldn’t be more excited for you to get your hands on this guide, let me help you have your healthiest and strongest pregnancy yet! Your body and your baby will thank you, you got this mama. Xx, Brit


  • This program is non-refundable, due to the nature of it being a digital product with significant value and the inability to actually ‘return’ a physical product.  All prices are in USD$.
  • Any distribution of this guide or “sharing” it with friends or family will result in immediate removal from access. Please do not share this with anyone, it is for your access only, I’ve poured my heart and soul into this and would hope you would recommend it for them to purchase on their own. 🙂


Are you wondering if working out is safe in your pregnancy? Will exercising harm my baby? Do I have to make a lot of changes to my current exercise plans now that I am getting bigger and less mobile? All great questions and all great concerns. I have created a second trimester workout guide that will leave you feeling more confident and comfortable with staying active, healthy and fit in your progressing pregnancy. Let’s get into why these second trimester workouts and working out in general can be safe during this portion of your pregnancy.

First, great news! Working out is not only okay, but extremely beneficial for your health, your baby’s health and your preparation for birth. Second, you are in the sweetest spot of pregnancy! First and third trimesters of pregnancy can be difficult and challenging when trying to find the motivation, energy and drive for exercising. But the second trimester is usually where most women feel the strength and health to get up and move their body. So take advantage of it! My second trimester workout guide will help you capitalize on that energy and motivation by providing the following things.

Safety. It is important to us that you are safe during your pregnancy. So naturally, I have provided a second trimester workout guide that will not put any unnecessary stress or strain on your body or the baby. All workouts are safe and created to strengthen and not harm your body.

With your body going through so many changes in the second trimester, aches and pains will begin to start. But, I have a solution to that! As crazy as it seems, working out can alleviate all of that discomfort, so my second trimester workouts can boost energy, reduce swelling and build your physical strength for labor.

Finally, I know that everyone has varied levels of physical activity, so my second trimester workout regimen has been created to be modified to best fit you and the needs of your baby.

In any circumstance, I want you to stay safe as you exercise in your pregnancy. But, I also don’t want you thinking that you are limited to what you can do to physically prepare yourself for labor and keep active throughout your pregnancy. You know and understand your body best, and I have simply created an easy, convenient and safe way to support your active lifestyle during your second trimester.

My pregnancy workout guides are almost ready, and are expected June 1st, 2021. Join my email list to be notified as soon as they are ready for delivery!

3 reviews for The Best Second Trimester Workouts For A Healthy Mom

  1. Ashley (verified owner)

    I am 17 weeks pregnant and struggling to modify my workouts accordingly. I follow Brit’s Instagram and have loved seeing her journey. When I saw she released a specific second trimester guide I wasn’t sure it would be “enough” of a workout for me who is pretty active to begin with and after her free 3 day trial I knew she walked the walk. Her free trial made me sweat and was a perfect fit for my lunch break so I didn’t even have to leave my house! I seriously recommend trying her free trial and if you are anything like me, you will get hooked and buy the full guide. I am so stoked she created this and I can’t wait for the 3rd trimester guide and postpartum guide! Thank you!

  2. Mariana (verified owner)

    I am training with Britnee’s 2nd trimestre pregnancy guide for two weeks now and I am loving it. I feel that I do the right amount of work out and feel good, active, and motivated! 

    Thank you Brit for this great and easy to follow guide!

  3. Leigh (verified owner)

    I’m one of those people who often buys fitness programs and falls off track, not completing the routine. I often seek training I can do from within my own home, that will show ACTUAL results at the end. I ordered Brit’s 2nd trimester guide and I definitely was not let down! She provides a variety of exercises for everyday, and YES I actually got sore and felt like I was accomplishing something! Plus, they were short enough routines that it didn’t interfere with my daily plans (thankfully!) And now that my baby is born, I fully understand how those workouts were catered to prepare me for the strength of motherhood – specifically via the arm and back muscles I never knew I needed haha! Not only is the book great, but Brit is there every step of the way if you need any feedback. She is quick to reply when you reach out and is very kind and helpful. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend to a friend who wants the convenience of having a pregnancy approved workout routine right on their phone or computer.

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