Presets FAQ Page

To ensure you are happy with your purchase, we have answered frequently asked questions below to make your purchase easy & seamless! You can always email us too if you have additional questions –

If you are having troubles installing, downloading, or editing with the presets these videos were made for you!

Desktop Preset Installation

Mobile Filter Installation

Q: What is a preset and how do I use it?

A preset is a photo filter that can be applied to your photo using Adobe Lightroom (Lightroom CC app for Mobile devices & Lightroom Classic CC for Desktop, depending on your purchase). With one click and a few minor tweaks you will have an amazing edit on your photos, the same edit we use on all of ours! Presets help to create a consistent look & feel for your brand, social media channels, and photos.

I am so excited about these presets and have been perfecting them using my own images, as well as yours, to test them! I am so, so happy with the end product and can’t wait for you to try them! When you use them on your photos be sure to tag @britwkent and #britkentpresets so I can see your work & give you a shout out!

Q: What is the difference between Mobile and Desktop presets? Which ones should I buy? 

The difference depends on what you plan to use them for! Mobile presets are made for the quick on-the-go edit with your phone. Pictures taken on your mobile device can be edited super easily with these presets and they turn out beautiful! All you need is the free Lightroom mobile app, and my presets. Once you have them installed and applied to a photo, you just need to make a few minor tweaks and you’re golden! 

Desktop presets are designed to use with Adobe Lightroom CC Classic on your computer. You will need to already have a subscription in order to use these presets. They are best used with RAW photos, JPEG will not produce the best results. There are more tweaks and edits available with the desktop version of Lightroom and this is where I edit 90% of my photos! 

Q: Will my photos look exactly like yours?

This is the EXACT presets I use on my photos but that does not guarantee that your photos will look the exact same as mine. Everybody has different photography styles, and I usually shoot a little underexposed/ darker. This means that after I apply the preset, I usually bring up the exposure and make a few other adjustments. That being said, I have a full instruction video on how to make adjustments to the presets! 

Q: How do I install my mobile presets?

Once you make your purchase you will receive an email with a link to download your NEW presets. You will need to download & unzip the folder to a computer first, then transfer the files to your phone (airdrop, bluetooth or use third party apps like dropbox or zip extractor) & then follow our installation guide to install your new presets to the Lightroom CC app. YAY! 

Q: My download expired / I lost my presets. Can you resend them to me?

If you bought your presets within the last 3 months, then I can resend them. Send me an email at! The first step to do after purchase is always to back up your files. Make sure you have access to a computer within 24 hours of buying before you purchase!