Hey mamas and friends! I’ve been a mom for 8 months now…. So I would say I’m basically a veteran :)…. Jokes! I am definitely not a pro at this mom thing but I have learned a lot about what I absolutely need as a new mama for the next baby that comes around, and what I could have done without. I thought that I would share today my TOP 5 new mom must haves that have made this new transition of life so much easier. 

Let’s dive right on in…

1. Elvie Breast Pump

Okay let me just preface this by saying, I have tried many pumps in the last 8 months and this is by far my favorite! I’ve tried hand pumps, electric, wireless, etc. The reason this one takes the cake is because it is hands free, completely wireless, and only has 5 parts – which makes it so easy to put together, take apart, and clean! Since it’s wearable, you can get ready or clean up your house while you’re pumping. So amazing! It also connects to a free app on your phone where you can track, time, and record your pumping. I got my Elvie Pump through Aeroflow Breastpumps. They help new mamas get breast pumps and pregnancy/postpartum essentials (like maternity support bands, compression socks, and postpartum recovery garments) through insurance! From filing the claim and getting all the necessary documents from your doctor, they take care of the entire process! It’s as simple as filling out their online form. They also offer supplies and accessories like milk storage bags, nursing pads, etc. And for anything that your insurance doesn’t fully cover through Aeroflow Breastpumps, you can use your FSA/HSA dollars to purchase it. They’re truly a one stop shop that makes life so easy for new and expecting mamas!

2. Doona Stroller/ Car Seat

I got this about a month into being a mom and it changed my life. This stroller can be converted down into a car seat with just one easy click so you can take it in and out of the grocery store without even taking the baby out of the seat. I use it every day for quick errands when I have to take Krew, and it’s a game changer for traveling and flying!

3. Binky Clips

If you don’t have these already, I highly suggest you get yourself some! There are tons of brands and options online but- I usually get mine from Mushie Co. They act as a teething clip as well as a way to keep the pacifier from falling and getting dirty or losing it. I will continue to use these until Krew doesn’t need a binky anymore.

4. Hatch Baby Night Light and Sound Machine

We use the ocean waves setting on this for Krew’s naps and bedtime. I think this sound soothes him because it is what he heard every day in my belly. 🙂 My favorite feature of the Hatch is the app that connects it to your phone so you can turn the sound or lights down or up without having to open the door and wake your sleeping baby. They have many colors for the lights and sounds/ music to choose from.

5. Owlet Smart Sock

Let me tell ya, this has saved my mama heart so much anxiety as well as both Connor and I hours of sleep! Basically this little sock is worn on your baby’s feet while they are sleeping to track their oxygen levels, and heart rate. That way you don’t have to worry if your baby is still breathing and if everything is okay. If anything changes, it will set off an alarm on the “base” and wake you up. We have used this religiously since Krew was a newborn. In the beginning before having this, I couldn’t sleep at night because I was so worried about him!

I hope this helped some of you new or soon-to-be mamas out with five items you should get to make your transition into motherhood so much easier! And I almost forgot… congratulations on your new bundle! 

Xx, Britnee

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