My Sick Season Essentials

Happy New Year! I hope that 2021 has been a little better for you than 2020 might have been… so far! Let’s keep our chins up 🙂 I know right now is the thick of the cold and flu season so I wanted to give you my checklist of all the supplements and products I make sure to be stocked up on before winter hits!

I know we live in Hawaii and you’re probably asking, winter?! But it does still get a little colder here and the bugs are all going around, so even here in tropical paradise we make sure to be stocked up!

I believe that health starts in the gut, and if your diet and immune system are not on track, it’s super easy to get under the weather. That’s why most of the items you will see on this list support gut health and a happy immune system! I’m that crazy person that craves soup and carrot juice when I get sick, and can’t even look at sugar. I know I know, crazy! But I know how good, healthy food makes me feel so I always crave that. 🙂

Make sure to follow the dosage on each of these as prescribed on the label. So, here is my list of essentials for a happier sick season:

  1. Glutamine– for muscle recovery, and to help alleviate that achy-ness you feel when you get sick! I take this after a hard workout to give my muscles a little help with recovery, and when I have the body aches and chills. Use code Brit20% for a discount!
  2. Gaia Elderberry Syrup– A great immune support for all times of the year, but in sick season I take about a teaspoon of this every other day!
  3. Sodium Ascorbate– this is a fancy name for raw vitamin C. The reason I prefer this form of Vit C is because it is raw so it absorbs into my blood flow quicker and can get to work ASAP! If I get a bad cold, I take this a bunch and it usually knocks it out much quicker.
  4. Wellements for Kids– I always make sure I am stocked up on supplements for Krew so if he does get sick (which hardly ever happens knock on wood) I have something natural and clean to help him get better! I like this cough syrup for nighttime and daytime. I’ve only had to use it once on him but it helps them be able to get some sleep. 🙂
  5. Probiotics– This is my all-time favorite probiotic because it has probiotics and prebiotics in it, which is so important to have both! I take one of these every day of the year actually. Great for helping to boost the immune system! Use code Brit20% for a discount!
  6. Doterra’s Blue Rub– a little pricey but so worth it! This was actually one of the items I packed in my hospital bag to give birth as well, it’s so relaxing and helps to sooth sore, achy muscles that are either overworked or recovering from illness.
  7. Hydroflask with a straw– I just upgraded to this exact bottle because I find when I have a Hydro with a straw I drink so much more than just a lid that you twist off! Silly I know, but water consumption is SO important to a healthy immune system. H2O is the best vitamin for you to stay healthy, get good rest, have strong hair and nails, have energy, the list goes on and on! I try to drink half my body weight in ounces of water every day.
  8. Essential oils (Lavender and On Guard)- Lavender has been so helpful for our family to get sleep when we are sick, just put some on your pressure points and it helps alleviate tension. We also love On Guard, you can take the capsule kind internally, or you can rub this on your pressure points as well and we feel like this totally helps keep our immune systems strong!
  9. Immunity shots– My favorites are wheatgrass, and the hydration aloe shot from Pressed Juicery. I also used to get wheatgrass shots from Jamba Juice growing up, if you have one near you! They don’t taste amazing but are packed with goodness. 🙂
  10. B12 drops– I take some of this every day so I can keep my energy up! Especially right now being pregnant it has helped me to make it through the afternoon slump.

Stay healthy and let’s make it through sick season stronger than ever this year!

xx, Brit

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