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Dinner, Solved.

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Monthly subscription is $30 a month

My philosophy on food:

We feel as good as we eat! If we fill our bodies with nutrient-dense, healthy food, it will function the best that it can. I want everyone to have a good relationship with food and eat healthy in a way that is a lifestyle and sustainable. I believe in having a treat when you want it, and not restricting ourselves from food, but instead having a foundation of eating clean so that those are rare occasions and not the norm.

Why I made this meal plan?

I created this meal plan to make your life easier and healthier! After becoming a mom I realized I could spend my whole day meal planning and cooking and not spending any time with my family. I want this meal plan to give time back to you, so you can have healthy meals on the table and not be stressed about it. This is to take one thing off your plate during the week and know that 6 days of the week you have a plan for dinner because let’s be honest we’ve all made it to dinner and just want to give up… right? 


Basically! It is $30 a month, that comes down to $1 a day.

It is just for dinner, but you can always double the recipe and have it for lunch the next day! That’s what we do 🙂

Unfortunately not, it’ll be for the whole month! That way you get to try new meals 🙂

Every Thursday you will get an email from me including the PDF meal plan! That will give you the weekend to do your grocery shopping.

There will be 6 meals sent, plus one healthy treat 🙂

Three out of the six meals are every week, but the others can easily be made vegetarian! Or if you love meat and want it in every meal, you can easily add it to the vegetarian meals.

All the meals going into this plan have to pass the  husband test ;). They are healthy but they don’t taste healthy if you know what I mean. 😉

You will need to send us an email at saying you want to cancel and you will be removed from the plan. Please do not send a message on instagram because those get lost VERY easily.

Yes you will be automatically enrolled into the next month and sent the meal plan every week until you notify us otherwise!

There are all types of cuisines! Anything from Mexican, Thai, American, Chinese, Greek, Italian, etc. There is something for everyone. 🙂

The recipes are for 4 people. So if you’re feeding less just half the recipes and then if you’re feeding more just double them!

It will be emailed to you every Thursday so be on the lookout! Make sure you add me as a contact so it doesn’t go to your spam or junk mail!

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