Maternity Workout Clothing Guide

wearing the Kori Shorts here!

I get lots of questions about what clothes I’ve been wearing to workout in this pregnancy so I thought I would compile a list of my favorites here! I totally understand the struggle of finding workout clothes that fit when pregnant, don’t squeeze you too tight and also don’t look silly with the bump! I’ve got you covered. I would definitely say I have tried lots and lots of workout clothes while pregnant, and some just don’t look or feel right. These are my favorites! Not all of them are made specifically for maternity so I will note which ones are and which ones aren’t so you can size up accordingly.

  1. Fabletics Maternity Leggings: These leggings are made specifically for maternity so you can get your regular size that you wore pre pregnancy and they should fit great! They come up above the belly.
  2. Fabletics Ribbed Seamless Shorts: My absolute favorite biker shorts that have fit me all the way into third trimester! I got a size medium in these, I normally wear a small. They are so comfortable and don’t dig into my stomach at all. Highly recommend getting a few pair!
  3. Fabletics Kinsley Seamless Bralette: I have this in about every color they sell! It’s so comfortable that I wear it all day as a bra as well. 🙂
  4. Lululemon Aligns: Okay these are so worth the hype especially for pregnancy! I wore my normal pre pregnancy size all through the second trimester but it’s starting to get tight with my that size now that I’m in my third, so I would suggest sizing up for your third trimester! So soft and comfy.
  5. Free People Movement Bra: I bought this bra before I was pregnant but it’s one of the few that still fit comfortably while pregnant as well! I just got my normal pre pregnancy size.
  6. Fabletics Muscle Tank Top: I love this tank because it is so versatile. You can wear it down and long, or you can tie it above your bump for a cute look with leggings or biker shorts!
  7. Fabletics Sculptknit Tank: I have this tank in blue and neon yellow and I LOVE it. It is the perfect crop to fit right above the bump, I love to pair this with my matching blue seamless rib shorts linked above!
  8. Lululemon Energy Bra: A great option for more high intensity days. For workouts that include jumping or running, probably more geared towards your first and second trimesters because you will be doing more of those movements then and less in the third trimester.
  9. Fabletics Loveday Tee: I have this tee in white and multicolored. I love the crop because it fits perfect with leggings or high waisted biker shorts.
  10. Fabletics Kori Shorts: The comfiest and coziest shorts! I wear these on stretching and casual walking days and also just to lounge around the house!

wearing the LuluLemon aligns and the Free People Movement bra here!

Hope this helps you to feel more comfortable and confident in your pregnancy! My 2nd trimester pregnancy guide will be live on June 1st so make sure to grab that to help you stay fit in your pregnancy! 3rd trimester and postpartum guides to come as well. Sign up below to be the first to know when it is live!

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