Krew’s 1-year photo book made with Mixbook’s Martha Stewart Collection

I decided with the extra time on my hands from the current situation we are in, that there couldn’t be a better time than now to take all the photos I’ve been wanting to put together and make a 1-year photo book for Krew! If you’ve been following along with our little fam on Instagram, you know Krew does not have a shortage of pictures of his first year of life! & you know what, I’m proud of that! The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true and one of my favorite past times is looking back at old pictures and realizing how far we have come. I decided to go with Mixbook because of their beautiful designs and easy to use editor.

Krew gets SO excited to see himself in photos 😉

In the past, I have struggled with making a cute book out of the pictures I take because I’m not amazing at design and don’t have a ton of time to make my own book. Problem solved when I found the Martha Stewart Collection for Mixbook.! There are books for any occasion- Mother’s Day, a birthday, a trip you want to remember, anything! They are already designed so beautifully, all you have to do is put your photos and some writing in and it’s done! Everyone will be asking how you made such a cute book. 😉

Let me tell you how easy this was for me to make this adorable book! I used the Abstract Family Book by Martha Stewart as my selection. It opened up into a workspace and I added my photos in. It automatically organized them according to the time they were taken, if you want to use the auto-fill feature. I had the option to move them around and to virtually “flip” through the pages. Then I could go through and change the stickers, the backgrounds, or re-arrange pages to how I wanted. So customizable! It took me 30 minutes when I truly expected it to take me a few hours.

the excitement!

Now I have all of those memories in one place. We go through the book a few times a week and he gets so happy pointing at pictures of himself. It’s pretty freakin’ cute. 🙂 Everyone will be asking how you made such a cute book 😉

Right now couldn’t be a more perfect time to put together the books you’ve been wanting to make, you’ll be so glad you did! I’ve got an awesome discount code for you as well!  Use my code MSLBK for 50% off your first photo book.

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