Holiday Gift Guide for NEW MOM

Moms deserve their own gift guide, because wow there are sooo many products out there and I wanted to narrow down what my dream wishlist would be as a mom! Some are for baby and some are for mama. Go moms!

  1. Fawn Design Diaper Bag: A good diaper bag is key to being a prepared and organized mama. I love this one! I’ve tried a lot and this is my favorite. Easy to clean, lots of pockets for organization, and durable.
  2. Boppy nursing pillow: This went everywhere I went for the first few months of nursing. I swear by it! It makes nursing so much more comfortable.
  3. Doona stroller/ car seat duo!: THE NUMBER ONE THING I recommend to new moms! Seriously. This was such a game changer for me, I used it until Krew was a year old and grew out of it! It pops down into a car seat in one easy click and up into a stroller so there’s no transfers and waking up your sleeping baby needed, and made it so easy for me to run errands with Krew!
  4. Mother’s Blend oil: I used this when I was pregnant and after when my belly was shrinking back down religiously every day. I would like to think it helped me not get as many stretch marks. Plus us mamas need a little extra self-care.
  5. Bib’s binkies: Krew loved these!! There are the so many binkys out there but this is the top I would recommend. They are made of natural rubber and BPA- free.
  6. Instant Pot: This has made my life so much easier as a mom, just throw the food in, press a few buttons and magic! But seriously, if you don’t have one of these yet I think you need one! There are endless amounts of recipes and things you can make in this, from boiled eggs, to chicken and rice, to soup, to cheesecake!
  7. Hydroflask: I don’t go anywhere without this either! Keeps your liquids warm or cold, and is such a good reminder to help me drink my water every day. I love mine!
  8. Bumbo: We used this for Krew when he was learning to sit up and wanted to eat solids at the table. I love that it’s rubber so it conforms to their body and they can’t get out of it easily!
  9. Hatch sound machine & nightlight: We have used this for Krew’s bed time and nap times since he was born! It’s a sound machine and nightlight in one, and I love that you can control the sound, volume, and lights through an app on your phone so you don’t have to go in and wake them up to change anything.
  10. Owlet sock: This was the number one thing I wanted from my baby shower. I was so happy to have it as a new mom! It’s a sock that you place on your newborn’s foot when they are sleeping and it measures their heart rate, breathing, and their vitals so you know they are okay! I slept so much better after getting this.

Happy shopping!

Xx, Brit

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