I am Brit, and I live on the North Shore of Oahu with my husband Connor and our baby boy Krew. We spend our days living and loving in the sun! Some of our favorite things to do are surf, swim, play on the beach, and eat burritos. 

I am passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle. I believe that the food we put into our bodies directly affects how we feel and in turn the quality of life we have. 

My philosophy

Having a healthy, active lifestyle doesn’t have to be something hard or impossible. I know that everyone is capable of having the body they want, the life they deserve and to feel their best! It is all about how we take care of our bodies! Health doesn’t have to be a dreaded topic, in fact, it should be something we are proud of! My hope is that by sharing my ideas here, I can help you to feel more confident in your ability to lead a healthy and happy life!

I am so happy you have joined my community and I am excited to share more about our life with you!