7 Tips to Staying Motivated to Workout in the Winter Months

Okay friends listen up, if you live somewhere cold and it’s already started to snow or drop below freezing, and you’re just feeling that seasonal depression creep in, I totally get you! I grew up in northern Utah and it was so cold in the winters. I truly would notice a difference in how I felt in the summer vs. the winter months and it was hard for me to stay motivated to go to the gym when I had to run through the snow to get inside! I created this with you in mind, because I want this winter to be different for you! I want the gym (or your workout time) to be the best part of your day, and be the thing that keeps you feeling your best even when the weather isn’t it’s best!

I know I don’t have the problem of cold winters anymore being in Hawaii, and for that I am SO grateful! I put together 7 tips of ways to stay motivated that can apply to anytime of the year. Try them out and let me know how it’s going for you, I want to hear!

  1. Map it out- my TOP goal to keeping consistent with working out is to have a plan for your workouts for the week. Whether you are going to classes, doing your own workouts at the gym, or working out at home, it doesn’t matter! Have a plan for what you are going to do every day that week. Plan out your workouts on Sunday and write them down so you feel ready, excited and balanced in your workouts! It will make you more excited and make it easier when your alarm goes off and you really don’t want to get out of bed.
  2. Make some goals- Write down your fitness goals every month. A number of days every week to workout, a PR you want to hit, or an amount of time spent in the gym each day. It doesn’t matter what it is, but make it attainable but something that will also challenge you.
  3. Choose a reward!- With the goals you have set, choose a reward for when you hit it. Connor helped me with this when I was pregnant with Krew and felt really unmotivated to do anything honestly, by creating a sticker system! If I hit all my goals for the day, I would get a sticker. You could do the same with the gym, if you hit your goal for the day (or workout), you get a sticker. If you get a certain number of stickers, you get a reward! My reward would be lunch/ dinner at my favorite place, a new pair of shoes, or a new workout outfit! Something that will make you excited and give you something to look forward to. Once you reach your reward, make a new one for the next month!
  4. Good playlist- I love the feeling of getting to the gym and putting in my headphones with my workout playlist that gets my blood pumping! Spend some time and put together a playlist that makes you feel good! You can find mine on Spotify under Britnee Kent if you need some ideas.
  5. Take progress pics- I used to think progress pics were silly, but now I swear by them! Being able to visually see your results makes you motivated by seeing how far you’ve come! Take one every week from now until March or end of winter and you’ll be so proud of yourself.
  6. Plan for the morning- set out your workout clothes the night before so you know exactly what you’re wearing and you have no excuse! I pick out my socks, shoes, clothes, fill my water and put my protein bar right there. I can grab it and walk out the door.
  7. A good fit- get yourself some new workout clothes girl!!! Look good, feel good, workout good ;). It’s so worth it to spend some money on workout clothes that make you feel fire so you can do your best in the gym! If you need some suggestions, dm me on Instagram for some of my favorites right now!

I hope these helped you, I can’t wait to hear your results from implementing them. Keep me posted! We are going to have a great winter, right? 🙂 Oh, and if you haven’t yet, fill out the pop up form on my website for a free workout guide to get you started.

Xx, Brit

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