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My name is Britnee Kent and I am passionate about nutrition and living an active, healthy lifestyle. I believe that the food we put into our bodies directly affects how we feel and in turn the quality of living we have! Obviously eating is healthy is key to being healthy and happy but staying active and getting our heartbeat up is important too.

My goal has always been to build a community where I can share my tips and tricks that have helped myself so that others become healthy and happy too. In this space I want others to ask questions, build a community of positivity and motivation because we all need that. My hopes are that everyone will apply the tips and tricks that have helped me and others. 

Sometimes we trick ourselves to think that only a select few can live healthy happy lives, but I’ve always believed that everyone can achieve the health they desire by taking care of their body. If you love your body, it will love you back! Let’s make this a positive happy place where people want to be!

My go-to Ab Workout

So right now being 8 months pregnant my abs are definitely non-existent. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t hiding out under there and I am

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Cardio vs. Weights

Should I be doing cardio or weight lifting to get the most out of my workout? Will I be skinnier if I just do cardio,

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Water and our Health

Water is so important to our health! It is vital for our bodies to perform daily functions. It eliminates toxins and waste, helps our skin,

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